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How To Look For Bed Bugs In Your Home

With the many request from our readers… many folks were not sure how to look for bed bugs. But also what bed bugs look like. We decided to do a guide on how to look for bed bugs.

Images Of Bed Bugs

I put a gallery of images of bed bugs for you to look at. This way you understand the differences of bed bugs, lice, and other insects. Many people get confused and think bed bugs are fleas… and use the wrong solutions to get rid of them.

How Do Bed Bug Bites Look

How To Look For Bed Bugs

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  1. Christine Huggins

    I appreciate the guide on finding bed bugs. I went ahead and used the bed bug bully recommended. They gave me a guide and videos to help with my bed bug problem. I am happy to say it’s been 2 weeks and nothing no more! Thanks for sharing your marvelous guides and tell Tony thank you for the advice on the phone. It was greatly appreciated.

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