[Exterminator Procedures] How To Look For Bed Bugs

When getting back from the field many bed bug clients are asking us how do we look for bed bugs. Which are best locations and how to get rid of them entirely. With so many questions I went ahead and consulted with our extermination team to bring you some procedures to follow and implement into getting rid of your bed bug issue.

Here is the good news, you can actually do this on your own! If you feel the need, you can always hire a bed bug exterminator. It all depends on the extent of the damage and personal preference.

Below… you will learn how to look for bed bugs, but also how to kill them without having to evacuate or throw away any furniture. Also.. it can be done quite fast.. maybe a full day or less depending on severity of the outbreak. This is because I will introduce a non pesticide solution that kills bed bugs and protects from future outbreaks.

Procedures Checklist…

So what most bed bug professionals will do is follow the 3 step process below. We will be looking very deeply at how to identify bed bugs and you will learn some very simple solutions to be done with bed bugs. So take notes…

1 – Identification (We will focus on this now)

2 – Inspecting For Bed Bugs

3 – Extermination Without Pesticides

Now lets look at step #1… Identification.

This is probably the most important step simply because you may confuse bed bugs with fleas, lice or ticks. In fact… they are very different and much more of a pest in my personal opinion. Simply because they feed on you while sleeping and migrate to wherever you are…

Oh.. and the reason why they follow you from one room to another… is because they are attracted to your CO2. (when you breathe out). This is how they find you when sleeping.

Bed Bugs Images

So first lets look at these bed bugs. I want you to understand what they look like so you know what the heck is your enemy. Below I put together a few images to help you understand that bed bugs are not always the same in size. Only when they are full of your blood is when they are large and red.

Also.. sometimes you will see them white or clear. I show a bed bug picture below with that so you can see the differences.

Bed Bug Bites

It’s safe to say… most likely you or someone you know is getting bit. So below are excellent bed bug bite images. You should be aware of how these critters bites look to help you with identifying if you do in fact have a bed bug problem.

Most bites will come at night… when sleeping. Don’t think they are fleas… in many cases our clients get confused that bed bugs are flea bites. Also… many products to kill bed bugs don’t kill fleas.. lice or dust mites.  But I will share with you what bed bug exterminators are using to kill bed bugs and keep them away.

Look up Bed Bug Bully… it used to be only available to large pest control companies. Now with it’s huge success it’s available to pest professionals and consumers. You can even look into getting a complimentary sample of bed bug bully with your order.

How To Look For Bed Bugs In Your Bed

The first location to look for bed bugs will be in your bed. Below are images and procedures we use to search for bed bugs in your bed and boxspring.

1 – Look At The Box Spring of Mattress

The boxspring is below the main mattress which you sleep on. You may have to tear open the bottom or cut it open to do a more detailed inspection. But trust me… this is very important. Bed bugs sneak into the boxspring and come out at night when they are hungry.

In the image to the right, you will notice the dark patch. This is either bed bugs or their fecal matter.

2 – Fecal Matter or Blood Spots on Mattress

This may gross you out… but bed bugs will leave fecal matter and as you turn around in bed, you could smash them leaving blood spots. SQUIRT!!!!

I placed an bed bug photo that shows fecal spots and bed bugs in the seam of the mattress which is a very common hiding place as well. This is a must when looking for bed bugs in your mattress. Most folks will always see fecal matter or blood spots when the outbreak has gotten really bad… but never knew to look for them.

3 – Look in Mattress Seam For Bed Bugs

If you want to know where to look for bed bugs, the most popular location on a mattress is on the mattress seam. You can do this in hotels and your own home. It’s what I always do before staying at a hotel just to be safe. The best precaution way to look for bed bugs in hotel rooms, is check the bed seams.

I posted a bed bug image of some bed bugs in the mattress seams. These were taken in a hotel. It’s a quite a bit of bed bugs as you can see… so don’t be too shy to pull back the seams of those mattress seams whether you are in your hotel or in your home.

Guide How To Identify Bed Bugs

Sure you have images… but check out the PDF and procedures checklist on how to identify bed bugs. You will have all the resources you need from this one page and guide below.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Now you know what bed bugs look… and how to look for bed bugs… as well as how to look for bed bugs in hotels. Let’s get to how to get rid of bed bugs.

This is probably the most easiest… I know you may be like… “Not for me…!”

That’s because you probably didn’t use what pest professionals are using. While it was only available to select pest professionals. The good news I can say now, this unique non pesticide solution is available to the public.

Even better…
You can get rid of bed bugs with a complimentary sample.


Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Pesticides

Okay.. your probably like… wait NO PESTICIDES??

And I am going to answer you right back and say.. YEP!

The new product Bed Bug Bully which was released to the public (after being only offered to pest control companies) is now very much alive and in the press. Bed Bug Bully was a secret weapon for pest professionals… now after new license agreements with some very large companies. Bed Bug Bully creators are allowing consumers to get access to the non pesticide solution.

Here is why I would go with the non pesticide bed bug spray:

  • Bed bug bully is a safe… non pesticide
  • Approved under FIFRA 25(b) as non pesticide (Government)
  • No need to evacuate… when using
  • No need to throw away valuables
  • Kills bed bugs and larvae.. and eggs!
  • Prevents future outbreaks (Huge $$ saver)
  • Being used by pest professionals

Video of Case Results From Product

I didn’t want to be up on my soap box… so I will share with you a video of case study from clients. It’s a great presentation of how well the non pesticide works.


The Press Are All Over This Solution…

Like I said before… I think it’s good to share other 3rd parties of the success of the product when people are using it. Right now, Bed Bug Bully is released at Amazon, Sears, and other outlets. The best price and deal is buying it online because of the no risk guarantee… the complimentary sample… and you are buying it direct from the manufacturer.

Below is new stations write ups on the success of the non pesticide spray.

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Don’t Forget Your Complimentary Sample

The complimentary sample will not be available forever. I am not sure the time frame of the special and if you are reading this now… I can’t promise they will still be running the special. So check out non pesticide solution below to get rid of you bed bug problem.


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